Dynamic Protection Area Activation's what are your experiences who is your SAS

So we are operating in a DPA and we have had quite a few activations now these are total show stoppers as they are locking out the full lower 100MHz of spectrum and one of our APs can only use the lower 100MHz due to grandfathered wireless licences this sure seems like a PAL is pretty much useless in any county that is in wholly in a DPA.

Now the SAS has move lists for 10MHZ spectrum chunks and but every time they have activated it has been the whole 100MHz and we would be dead in the water on these APs for at least 2 hours. So far we have had to move back to part 90 when these happen but soon we will not legally be allowed to due to NN licence expiration. I don’t even think the cambium firmware has the ability for a SAS to issue a grant move. So at this point, I was wondering what other peoples experience with DPAs have been thus far.

There was a recent document that indicated that they are modifying the DPAs to allow better commercial deployment in some of these areas. interestingly the release seems to indicate at or below 3550 but there hasn’t been a vote on opening up the 3450MHz band yet or even allocating this to a SAS for spectrum sharing.


Our sas is.

We are using Google as a SAS