E2E Controller on V2000?

Can I run the E2E controller on a V2000 as a PoP? We have a 7-site cnWave / Wi-Fi deployment that needs the cheapest PoP we can find. I have been using a V1000 as the edge in a non-standard configuration. I would like to upgrade it to a V2000 if that can run the E2E controller for at least 7 devices.

Thank you, Chris

The release notes say that the onbard E2E supports PTP only, simlilar to the v1000. I’m sure the issue is the amount of memory and processor to handle the tunnel end points terminated in the POP.

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Thank you for noting it. I suppose I was hoping with the really high price (Practically approaching the V3000) that it would handle multipoint E2E.

You can buy a cheap computer and run E2E on it

I would prefer not to have to support a cheap computer as well as the cnWave/cnPilot gear at this location. It would be better if the E2E controller was onboard. That said, I can’t ask them to spend the money to switch a V1000 to a V5000, so maybe I have to do it.

I get that, customers can be the worst.

If you have too, look at a Mini, Micro or Tiny from HP, Dell or Lenovo; avoid using Intel Nucs


Talking to Cambium about another issue, they suggested I should use a V2000 as my E2E controller. I said I thought that was only good for PTP E2E controllers… and they suggested otherwise.

I just tested it with some gear here. I setup 4x nodes using the V2000 as the PoP and E2E controller, which worked.

In an open ticket I had just been told the V2000 couldn’t be used. I asked for clarification, and was told it will do it but it is not really recommended.

I’m interested to know the limitations. Perhaps a V2000 can be used for some amount of nodes more than 2x, but not the full 31x?

I would like to know if a V2000 can be used as a DN with multiple CNs connected to it, as well as a DN-DN link to a POP. So essentially a single sector, v5000. Could it have up to 15 Links, or is there a lesser limit?

The 1.2.2 release notes say that the v1000 and v2000 can be used in PTP mode only, so the onboard E2E controller only supports one other device. There is an RF issue with the scenario of v2000 as a POP / DN as well: the links should be separated by 20 degrees or more, and the unit does not have the beamforming width to support more than a single link. From teh data sheet: Scan Range +/- 10º azimuth, +/- 4.0º elevation.