E2E External Controller Hardware Requirements

Is it acceptable to run the E2E controller on a Linux box using VirtualBox, or do you suggest a dedicated Hypervisor? What are the suggested specs of the recommended hardware? My network will be around 50 Nodes with 30 of them being POPs.

To get better performance we recommend a hypervisor based solution with minimum of 8GB RAM and 4 vCPUs

For a 50 node network, couple of POPs may be enough. Just a curious question, why 30 POPs ?

What would we be looking for in an underperforming E2E ? Are there any obvious marker symptoms ?

30 POPs because we have a long stretch of road and have to continue fiber from one end to the other anyway… plus the boss believes in overkill! LOL

It’s not really overkill if the fibers already there why would you mesh when you could just plug into existing fiber i’d imagine many networks will be like that when the cost to go that last 200m from a road to a community of houses is too expensive vs a cn5000.

What’s the External E2E limitation/scaling look like, don’t see what cambium said to watch out for related to scaling on it.

Also if all cnWaves are POP’s then less need for an external offloading concentrator because the pops are only handling their 30 users.