E3KL Power consumption/Use of Packetflux injector


This article explains about the Input voltage power consumption of the E3KL (3000L) radio and use of

24V Packetflux Injector to power on E3KL.



Radio rebooting and defaulting to factory configuration can be seen if there is not enough power at the radio.

We have seen this behaviour while using the 24V Packetflux Injector during cold weather.

Input voltage: Minimum of 14V is required AT the radio taking into consideration cable length, temperature etc.

Power consumption: Maximum 15 Watts under cold temps when onboard heating circuit kicks in.

Solution (Workaround):

  1. Use Cambium POE
  2. Disable reset via power sequence.

(Tools > Backup / Restore > Factory Default Configuration >  Reset Via Power Sequence > Disable), so that radio will not default to factory settings even though power fluctuations happen causing random reboots.

Note- The radios will still be rebooting.

We had errors on our specification sheet.

Here is a marked-up spec which we have already updated on our website.


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