E400 3.4.3-r9 Band Steering Problem and other

After installing on e400 f/w 3.4.3-r9 stopped working properly Band Steering.

The client connects to 5 GHz and in a few seconds returns back to 2.4 GHz.

Band Steering - Aggressive.

p.s. Backup Software Version 3.4.2-r36


we will look into this one, please share tech support of the AP. You can get AP TechSupport from AP UI Go to OperationTab-DownLoad Tech Support.

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The AP will be connected as a hotspot, maybe when there are a lot of connections on the WiFI AP and the air will be full, it will keep them at 5 GHz ?

hi, is it possible for to downgrade ap image to 3.3-r16 image. band sterring should work in this image. we are lokking in the lab

3.3.16 i have't

Noticed a bug in 3.4.3-r9, mayby in old to

in the interface in Configure Radio - Mode - "gn" but in Dashboard - Wireless Clients - I see "bgn" mode

Keep Band Steering mode as aggressive (AP is aggressive in moving clients to 5 GHz radio) and try it out. Initally client may take 60 to 70 seconds but 2nd time onwards association will be fast. Once client associates to 5 GHz radio, AP keeps track sof client capability. This information will be distributed to other Cambium APs and they also move client to associate to 5 GHz band only. 

The mode in radio 1 configuration can be set to either bg or gn. But what we see in dash board for clients, it is client capability. Client band bgn indicates client is capabale of operating in b or g or n mode. Hope this is not issue.

Last night I tested Band Steering (Aggressive) on 3.4.3-r9 (the average number of clients was ~ 21 (iphone 6/7 80% + meizu, lg, samsung 20%), but my phone did not participate).

Works fine.

Perhaps it's on my desk because of the small number of connected clients and clear net air - AP allowed to work on the client at 2.4 GHz, although very strange behavior, because this mode is forced, and it is not clear to me why there was a reverse transition from 5 GHz to 2.4.

I also tested the possibility of isolating a guest from the corporate network.
Isolation works, but there is one nuance.

I'm taking a specific application IP Tools.



From the application it is possible to go to the AP even if you are in Configure Network / Management Access
/ Allow from wired !!!

I have not tried other applications, but if you need I can also conduct such a test.

Also, I do not understand why AP moves from the installed channel (clear 3 or 4) to the more dirty (11).

Interference Avoidance Enable
Samples 20
Threshold 100

Had the same issue with 3.4.2-r36.

Have been intouch with support and its a bug they are working on. Hopefully a fix soon?

Working with support ive had this responce. Hope it helps someone else too:

Hi Jason

When we moved to 3.4.2 build, the Band Steering behaviour was changed in terms the time the AP has to wait before moving client to 5 GHz band. This resulted in some scenarios working and others failing as you found.  This carried over into 3.4.3.

Based on your feedback, we have made changes  and these new enhancements will be part of 3.4.4 release.   I should be able to give you a beta build in next 2 weeks?

In the next release band steering will come with 2 additional configuration options :

  1. Time interval option (which is 1 minute default now)
  1. Number Probe Request option (it is 3 Probe req packets for normal mode and 7 Probe request for Aggressive mode).

For working a version with working band steering,  please download v 3.3 r16 from the support site. https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/e400/archive#r2   (it is 15MB+ -- too big to email).


promised in 2 weeks a fresh release, but as I see nothing has changed so far :(

We have 2 new changes with respect to band-steering that has been added.

a) A configurable cache timeout - This decides how long a client which has been detected as 2.4GHz only client is remembered.

b) A new low setting, which will let a 2.4GHz client sooner.

CLI Commands:

E400-B67376(config-wlan-1)# band-steer-cache-timeout

<1-48> default: 12 hours

E400-B67376(config-wlan-1)# band-steer

aggressive : Aggressively attempt steering towards 5GHz, delaying new 2.4GHz associations longer
low : Attempt steering towards 5GHz, but allow clients on 2.4GHz sooner
normal : Attempt steering towards 5GHz, but allow clients on 2.4GHz after a few attempts

The build is currently undergoing testing and a beta should be posted to the support site later this week.