E400 and e500 - problem with devices behind routerboard station bridge

I had a problem a while back with the e500 outdoor and again today on the e400 indoor series. I setup a bridge mode Mikrotik (Routerboard 951 and 941) in station mode to connect the WiFi on the cnPilot so that it can act as a switch/bridge to pass traffic for wired devices connected to it. I do this on other WiFi networks all the time without issue. For some reason, the cnPilot won't allow traffic from the devices behind the bridge mode Mikrotik, but the Mikrotik is able to pass traffic just fine (good connection strength). I have the cnPilot on the lastest firmware.

I have searched the forums and perused the manual but can't find any answers. It seems like this might be a security feature for the cnPilot? It seems the cnPilot doesn't like multiple hosts behind one station for some reason.

I turned on proxy-arp on the Mikrotik it didn't help. Last time I had this problem, I turned the Mikrotik into a router with NAT and that worked fine for clients behind the Mikrotik. 

Any thoughts?


Can you please download and share the tech-support of AP to "ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com" .

Techsupport can be downloaded from following location 

1) Login to UI of AP

2) Navigate to "Operations"

3) Click on "Techsupport" under System


Ashok Kumar

I submitted the Tech Support Download file as requested. Emailed to that address. If you didn't receieve it, let me know.

I haven't received any tech support file.

I checked the spelling and I'm not sure why you didn't receive the email. I opened a ticket with support and attached the file there.

Please disable STP/RSTP on the bridge interface of Mikrotik and share your observations. 

I already had it disabled:

[admin@STATION-BRIDGE-office-941] /interface bridge> print
Flags: X - disabled, R - running
0 R name="bridge1" mtu=auto actual-mtu=1500 l2mtu=1598 arp=proxy-arp
arp-timeout=auto mac-address=D4:CA:6D:C2:A3:B2 protocol-mode=none
fast-forward=yes igmp-snooping=no priority=0x8000 auto-mac=yes
max-message-age=20s forward-delay=15s transmit-hold-count=6 ageing-time=5m
region-name="" region-revision=0 max-hops=20 vlan-filtering=no pvid=1