E400 Behind EPMP radio without CNPilot Router

Is it possible to get an E400 AP to display that it's behind a customer EPMP SM if that customer does not have a CNPilot Router?  I have the GPS Locations set the same, but I can't find how to get it to stack under the SM. 


All Cambium WiFi AP(s) have built-in intelligence to discover their parent device in case it is a Cambium ePMP SM. Assuming in your scenario, E400 is directly getting its backhaul from ePMP SM, cnMaestro should have shown E400 under the right ePMP SM but looks like there is some issue. So could you please send Tech Support file from E400 to my email ID: ajay.singh@cambiumnetworks.com for further analysis.

Please follow steps as shown in below screenshot to download the tech support file from E400:



I have tried to do the support file download 4 times and am not getting anything.  The box pops up that says


File download process initiated. This may take few minutes, if not successful please try after 5 minutes."

but a file download never starts in the browser.

Tried in Chrome and it came right down.  Would not download in firefox.