E400 does not connect clients to the internet


I am having an issue with an E400 wich is accepting wireless devices (gives them a valid IP through its DHCP server) but does not connect them to the internet neither goes online to cnMaestro. The E400 is connected through a cable modem. I followed the instructions of the configuration guide but cannot get connection.

I am attaching some screenshots with the configuration as well as the export of the configuration file.

Thanks in advance for help!


Does your cable modem also have the capability of being a DHCP server and doing NAT? If so, turning off NAT on the E400 and using the external one might be quickest to setup.

If we do need the E400 to do the NAT, we need to make a couple of changes in the configuration you have:

- the VLAN is currently the same on both ethernet port and Wireless LAN (both are vlan 1). Can you please change one of them to be a different VLAN, so NAT can do the traffic nat/routing across the two VLANs?

An example of this configuration is here:


(we use VLAN 2 for DHCP pool and for the vlan setting inside the Wireless LAN configuraiton; the ethernet port is left as VLAN1)

- the DHCP server does not have DNS server defined. I see the client still has showing up (static config on client?) might be best to set as the primary DNS server in the DHCP pool configuration.

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Thanks a lot Firefly!! I followed your recomendation and is working now