E400/E500 AP's not working on internal GPON network

I am banging my head against the wall here...

I am omitting a lot of information because I don't want to overload with information, so please ask for any more info you think is pertinant...

I have two fiber networks running at the moment:

- 2 strand fiber network that supports some main buildings with network stations and AP's

- 1 strand fiber GPON that supports ONU's that provide POTS telephone and network access.

- Both networks connect to the same Router/Firewall/Gateway (Microtik Cloud Core) which also handles the DHCP

The E400/E500 AP's work perfectly on the 2 strand network.  Yay.

Those same AP's will not work on the GPON network.  When plugged into the GPON, they will recognize on cnMaestro, I can access specific AP's on the network, I can use the Troubleshooting tools to ping outside the network.  However, they will not pass DHCP to the clients.  And when you either:

- enter a static IP


- if you roam from a AP on the 2 strand network (so you already have an IP)

then 1 of two things will happen:

- Your phone says no connection   


- Your phone will think it has wifi and network access but a speed test shows a 800+ms ping and nothing works

An AP from the GPON network can be moved to the 2 strand network and it works perfectly.  A 2 strand AP can be moved to the GPON network and it will not work.

For the life of me, I can not figure this out.  The guy who installed my GPON network and the guy who installed my AP's are stumped as well.

Any ideas?

Hi striderzz,

To know more about the issue, can you please provide information for below questions.

1. How many L3 interface are there?

2. Which VLAN is for AP managament and which VLAN is WLAN VLAN?

3. What is the configuration of your Ethernet port?

4. Which device Ap's are connected to? Please share intermediate device configuration?

5. And also attach the techdump support of AP.

1. There is only (1) L3 interface on ALL AP's

2. No serpearte VLAN for management vs. WLAN.  The WLAN that broadcasts the SSID is 1

3. ETH1 is single access VLAN and Access Mode is 1

4. I don't have direct access to the ONU (intermediate device) at the moment but it is set-up so all information from the gateway/router is untagged entering the GPON system and untagged existing the end device.  Within the GPON network itself there is some VLAN action going on to seperate POTS vs Network Access.

5. Debug log attached


Is it feasible to provide Remote access of your setup for further debuging.

It will be helpful for us to understand the network better.

And aslo please share the techdump support of AP.

Absolutely can provide remote access.  What is the best way forward?  Should I call support?


We never had E series on private GPON network, but we had VoIP solutions over private GPON and there were also some problems with connectivity. As we latter found out it is the 'problem' in GPON network - as GPON was never meant for private use and OLT 'cuts' some traffic before sending to all ONUs.

I would first check with GPON equipment manufacter and ask them if there might be some restrictions from their side. - each manufacter has different restrictions.

Note, GPON usually doesn't allow traffic directly from one ONU to another, so APs won't be able to talk to each other.

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