E400 Fast Roaming Features


after searching faqs and available documentation I am still quite unsure which roaming features/specifications/standards are supported when using several E400 APs, i. e. in a big building.

I've seen that there is a functionality to force disconnection by the AP if wifi signal goes below a specified level. But I miss some kind of functionality forcing the client to the best available signal on one hand and keeping connection with a weak signal on the other hand, when there is no stronger signal available at that client position.

Could you help me with some explanation of the roaming possibilities and featureset of the E400



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Hi Cad,

Roaming, Protocol and Specifications. 

Supports roaming protocols such as 802.11r (cnPilot E400 only) OKC and Pre-auth.

for VIOP traffic. 

If you enable Enhanced Roaming and you donot have another AP with a better signal when the current goes below the set value then the Client will get disconnected. 

It is disabled by default and you should understand your deployment topology and then only enable this , you should enable only if you are sure what you want it and the threshold should to be set  to your requirement




Thanks for help! Thats what I was looking for.