E400 have a problem Guest Portal splash page not found

HI !!!!

use funtion Guest Access Portal have a problem.

i setting finish it show Guest Portal splash page not found.

Thank you very much.

Could you please check if the captive portal policy name is the same between:

- the captive portal created on cnMaestro under services

- the captive portal name configured in the WLAN configuration.

It seems to be configuration mistake.

Please use the guidelines below for configuring Guest Access using cnMaestro:


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to shashankt Thank you but.

i setting as this your url.

help me please.

Thank you very much.

I had same issue, Cambium Support helps me, bellow how to configure:


We also have noticed this issue for the US region and it seems to be an issue with Facebook for the captive assist browsers(Embedded Browsers) on the IOS devices. We have introduced a captive bypass configuration in the next upcoming release for the cnMaestro through which the specific domains used by IOS devices for testing the Internet connectivity will be whitelisted. Meanwhile the same can be achieved by setting the same domains on the whitelist configuration for the given WLAN configuration on the device.

Here are the domains for IOS devices which can be configured in the whitelist for bypassing the captive portal assist on the IOS devices:

1. "captive.apple.com"

2. "www.airport.us"

3. "www.ibook.info"

4. "www.thinkdifferent.us"

5. "www.appleiphonecell.com"

6. "www.itools.info"

Also the google has stopped the support for embeded browsers and now google login will work only through standard browsers only. I believe by end of March they will enforce the same for world wide. Once that's done then few older android versions also will stop working for google login along with IOS devices. Once you face that issue then you will have to add google specific domains too in the whitelist:

1. "connectivitycheck.android.com"

2. "clients3.google.com"

3. "*.gstatic.com"

We will have the new release which will have a simple checkbox config in the guest portal configuration which once enabled will enforce captive bypass on the Access Points.  Once you have this configuration support you will not require to configure any whitelist on the Access Points.

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