E400 Low Bandwidth

I have a couple of the E400 access points that I am working with.  I don't seem to be able to get anything much over 10 MBTS through them.  Has anybody seen this problem and can give me a clue as to what I might be missing? I have the latest software  1.6 R20

A couple questions... what brand/type of client are you using, and what is the over the air data rate that the client is reporting? What is the E400 reporting that that the client is connecting at?

Just to confirm, you're not getting much over 10mbps... NOT 10MBps aka 80mbps? How are you testing throughput? Are you using iperf on two clients? Copying files?

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Hey Steve,

I echo @Eric Ozrelic, can you provide more information on what the e400 is plugged into? Also, results of an iperf test would be helpful.  One laptop plugged into the e400 and the other connected over the wifi and run iperf between the two and see what the results are.  Then run wireless to wireless between the two laptops, through the e400, and share the results.  

I'd assume that the e400 is showing its Ethernet interface is connected a 1 Gbps or at least 100 Mbps correct?

Thinking the LAN ports on my router was causing the problem, I purchased a new cnPILOT R201.  I still see the same problem.  Using my Android or my laptop PC I get the normal 20 Mbps download through my ISP using speedtest.net and the wireless radios in the cnPILOT R201.  When I connect through either one of my E400s I see a quick spike in the very beginning of speedtest.net and then it slows to 5 or 6 Mbps max download or worse.  I have JPERF running on my laptop and my wired desktop.  One client and one server and it appears to show about 10 Mbps speed between the two.  I don't have a second wireless laptop here to try wireless to wireless but I will try to borrow one.  I am convinced I am doing something wrong someplace but I am missing it.  My cnPILOT reports the E400s are connected to the eithernet LAN ports at 1000 M. I have been back to the factory defaults with no better results. Oh, and when I hook my laptop through the wireless port on the cnPILOT R201 JPERF show the speed at just a little under 30 Mbps.  10 Mbps through the E400 and 30 Mbps through the R201.  Everything else is the same. I noticed that the JPERF run has a bandwidth peak at the beginning.  I was seeing what appeared to be a peak like that at the beginning of the speedtest.net download too.  Starts out at a normal speed and then immediatly slows.  I attached the JPERF screen shot.