E400 Mesh Issue


We have 2 E400 APs setup and have created a mesh base profile and a mesh client profile with the same SSID, this appears to work correctly.  I have then created an SSID for clients to connect too, again this appears to work correctly.  However we cannot see any devices on the other AP, by this I mean if I connect my laptop to AP1 I cannot see the devices that are connected to AP2 and vice versa.

Also have I setup the mesh correctly?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi , 

Can you please share the configuration files of both mesh base and clients AP's

Hi, config files attached.


Thanks for sharing the Config.

Config looks fine except that you are using 2.4GHz for Mesh link, which we do't do generally. Its better to have Mesh link  on 5GHz. 

And regarding your question, you wo't be seeing the wireless clients connected on other AP. This is expected one.