E400 offline after upgrading to 3.5.2-r4!

I started a job to upgrade firmware version to 3.5.2-r4 and after that the AP is useless, it never connected to cloud.cambiumnetworks again...

what should I do ?????

Please share tech-support at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com.

Please let us know from which build have you upgraded.

Thank You.

hello, I upgraded from


Please share tech-support of AP.

  • Login to UI
  • Navigate to Operations
    • Click on "Download tech-suport"

Email above downloaded file to shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com

Thank You


I wasn´t able to use the AP user interface, it was "bricked".

However I connected the power keeping the reset button pressed, and now the AP is working normally...

Thanks a lot.