E400 Radio State off

My E400 runs fine during the day but at night when the kids need to use their WLAN’s, the radios keep shutting off even after rebooting. Why is this happening?

I am on the current software versions.

Could you please share us tech-support of device when this issue occurs before reboot?

To download tech-support, follow steps below:

  • Login to UI
  • Navigate to Operation
  • Click on Download Tech Support

Could you please share us model of wireless clients you are using?

Thank You.

FYI, we have also experienced this on some of our sites. The problem happens at random, and if we resync config from cnMaestro it works again without the need for rebooting the AP's.

It would be helpful if you could share tech-support even before re-syncing it from cnMaestro.

  • Tech-support will help us in understanding the reason for this behaviour of device.

Please attach tech-support logs, so that we can debug the issue and provide an appropriate solution.

Thank You.