E400 throughput issue for 2.4Ghz

Hi friends,
I had installed two cambium E400 ap in my office, By default I got 144 mbps for 2.4ghz with 20mhz channel width. I change the width to 40 Mhz in order get 350 mbps(at least more than 150).STILL it’s showing 144mbps. Can anyone say solution for this.

The  802.11 standard requires that APs configured for 40Mhz operation in the 2.4Ghz band fall back to a 20Mhz channel width if other devices using the same channel in 20Mhz mode are detected, or if a client that is 40Mhz intolerant associates with it. In most environments you will find many devices running in 20Mhz mode in the neighborhood. So unless you are in an isolated area, 40Mhz in 2.4 is not viable in practice.

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hi thanks for your reply ,you are saying 40MHz in 2.4 GhZ is not advisable ?..then how my 802.11b/g/n clients can get more throughput than 144mpbs

thanks in advance