E400 wireless network best practices

I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on my setup.

I'm using three e400 APs in an office building. All three have 2 networks setup on them. A secured network and another network setup as a guest network. I'm using Vlan 10 for the secured and 15 for the guest.

The SSIDs are the same on all three APs. I thought that this way a user would be able to move around the office and pick up the best connection but it doesn't appear to behave that way. I've had a few users tell me that the wireless is dropping them off when they move to another area of the building. I'm finding that their laptop is holding on to a connection from one of the APs that is further away.

Are there some settings that I can change to help me manage this area better? 


Search for "Enhanced Roaming"