E410 after update firmware from to latest 4.1-r3 radio 2.4 go down every day

Only 2.4 go down, 5GHz still working.
Before update firmware i have no problem on 3.11 with same configuration.
How to fix it?


please share ap techdump. if ap managed from cnMaestro, go to device tools section and down load ap techdump and share to us cie001@cambiumnetworks.com

Emailed techdump.
I use my AP stand alone without cnMaestro. I made a tech dump from the admin area, but the information is saved in the logs only after a reboot.

May be “Enable Auto RF” option turn off 2.4 GHz? but it’s is off

received techdump and will update.

Repited :frowning:

I catched the moment of 2.4 wifi down

This moment in wifid.log

In scmd.log

In infrad.log

Can you please share the tech support used to take the above screenshot. I would like to have a look at it. Please share the tech support on this email id anv100@cambiumnetworks.com.


Helo Anandakrishnan, sent techdump to you.

Thanks , I’ve received the tech support file. Will get back to you after analyzing it.


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I have same problem with your E410 at 4.1 r3 . Waiting for new firmware release. So sad.

Is the issue happening regularly ? if so, how the recovery happening?

Were the clients able to reconnect back after disconnect ?
Are you able see the SSID in the client WLAN list when client got disconnected ? 

Please download and share the tech support when the issue is live. Please share on this email id anv100@cambiumnetworks.com.

My E410 offline all time when upgrade to 4.1-r3. I send the tech support file to anv100@cambiumnetworks.com. Please check it.
Thanks so much.

Hi Hongtran,
From the techsupport logs, it looks like the connectivity between the AP and the default gateway is lost. This is the reason the AP went offline. Please find the logs from the tech support for the same .
show management details
Remote Management Details:


AP Went Offline At : Thu Oct 15 12:45:10 2020

Gateway Reachable [NO] At : Thu Oct 15 12:45:10 2020

cnMaestro Reachable [NO] At : Thu Oct 15 12:45:10 2020

The software version on the AP is

Please login to the AP CLI and try reaching the AP gateway IP address.


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I upgraded my home’s cnPilot E410 firmware V.3.8 to 4.1-r3 yesteray. 5GHz is OK . only 2.4GHz client ( my mother in law ) called me about unable to find her SSID . When i rebooted AP . It’s get back normal state .
. 2 times issue today.

Can you take the tech dump and share it with us (anv100@cambiumnetworks.com) when the issue happens again.


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Thank You Mr. Anandakrishanan ,
Fixed issue now
I downgraded firmware version from 3.8 to . Now OK . No more issue .

The problem did not recur on the new firmware 4.1.1-r5. You can safely update, very stable work.