E410 amber light out of the box

I received two E410's today (first time trying Cambium over UBNT) and one unit booted up fine but the other is still at an amber led after > 30 minutes. The unit does not respond to and did not get an IP via DHCP. I have tried the reset button as well as swapping power supplies. Any suggestions?


Using google I was able to find that rebooting the device a bunch of times will get it to boot from the backup partition. After this I was able to install the latest firmware and begin my configuration. Great job including a backup boot partition!

Glad you could get it working by falling back to the backup software. However, please update your system immediately to version 3.5.2-R4 or later. Due to an issue with older software, you may see the same problem again ( Details here https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/field-service-bulletins/fsb9073/ )


Thank you. I upgraded both to the latest and have had no issues rebooting them since.

Hi Scooby You could explain how to restart the device from the backup partition please .

On the 8th reboot (after failing to boot) the AP will switch to the backup partition.

You can also use the CLI if accessible.

More details here: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/cnPilot-E-Series-Enterprise-APs/Primary-and-Backup-Firmware-images-for-reliability/m-p/68754