E410 - changing internet provider

Hi! I have 2 units E410 linked in a mesh configuration in my apartment. I am thinking of changing the internet provider I am using but I’d like to try the new one. As I am not an expert, só I’d like to know what fields I have to change on E410s to connect them to the modem of the new provider.


Please mail me your device configuration and network topology on sanjay.jadhav@cambiumnetworks.com to help u in this.

I am not sure how to do that. But as topology I have:

1 cable modem
1 cnPilot e410 Mesh Base
1CnPilot e410 Mesh Client

I turned off the modem wi-fi in order to use just the mesh wi-fi.


You may not have to do anything. Just unplug the ethernet cable from the cable modem, and connect it to the modem from the new ISP. Sanjay is correct, though. Without seeing your configuration, there is no one with an all-seeing-eye that can tell you what you need to change.

Could you tell me the steps to get the configuration?