E410 connection issue DHCP renew lease


We are having an issue with users arriving onsite and trying to connect to our network (cnPilot e410s). 

It seems certain users (all types Apple, PC, and Chromebook) are unable to connect to the network, (it will give them unable to connect to WiFi network) or they connect but are only able to resolve Google DNS based websites.

Renew DHCP lease seems to fix the issue, but we'd rather not have to require users to have to go into settings and do that, or have to restart everytime they arrive.

Any ideas if there is a setting on the CnPilots that might affect DHCP lease on devices arriving to the site already powered on?

Our CnPilots are running on POE.

We are approaching Comcast with this same issue to see if it is something on their end (modem) as well, but as far as we can tell there are no settings that might cause this.

Hi bcan, 

          Can you share some more information about the issue. This looks like a strange issue. 

When the user is able to resolve the Google DNS based websites ,

       What are the websites he is able to resolve. 

        Please confirm whether client gets IP address from the local server or it retains the IP address (previously got from another network) when accessing the network. 

          Please share the techsupport , we will try this here.  Along with the techsupport, please share the type of deployment and how many AP's are there which faces this issue. 



Could you please check in events what is the reason it is showing for clients not connecting. Google Dns means you meant only Google domains are reachable?

Sorry for the delayed response. 

Turned out that the Comcast Business modem was messing up DNS settings on the network. 

We reset it to factory settings and did not have any further DNS/Google only server issues.