E410 Dropping Internet for clients

We’re having an interesting issue with cnPilot E410s. We have around 1800 e410s running in various condo setups. In the last month (since we upgraded to 4.2.2) random APs stop allowing clients to access the Internet. The APs are up and accessible via cnmaestro or local login (GUI or SSH) and clients can connect, pull DHCP on their VLANs, but not access the Internet. Both the AP and connected clients are ping-ible. A quick reboot of the AP affected solves the issue. We’ve seen this happen about a dozen times in the last few weeks.

Can you please share below information to debug the issue further

  1. How frequently you are seeing this issue ?
  2. Is it specific to any client device or happens with any client device ?
  3. When clients are not able to access the internet can you please try to connect new client to it and see newly associated client is able to access the internet or not ?
  4. What is the previous firmware version that you have used on AP’s where you didn’t observed this issue ?

When AP was in this state before rebooting the AP can you please download the techsupport file and share it with me on my email ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com

Also if possible can you please invite me to your cloud account


Thank you for the quick response.
1.We’ve seen it from time to time, but more since we moved a large number of clients to 4.2.2-r5.
2. It happens to all connected clients.
3. New clients can connect, but they also cannot get to the Internet.
4. Earlier version of 4, such as 4.2-r15.

I will try and do that if we see the issue. I have been downgrading APs this morning to 4.2.1-r12. If we see more, I’ll try and send you the techsupport file.

I just sent an invitation to you.

Thanks for sharing the information. Yes, I have received the invitation.

I just emailed you a support file form LB3-303

2.4 clients and not 5? I ask as I am chasing something where 2 cameras can’t seem to stay on. They appear connected and show up in CN… but you can’t even ping them. Forget accessing them.

It may be the same issue. We can see the AP in CN. Log into it, reboot it, ping it. Clients can connect to it, but cannot go online. They pull the correct IP address for their VLAN, so I think the AP isn’t passing VLAN tags. Just a guess.

Thanks for sharing the techsupport logs, is it possible to provide access to one of the AP when it was in the issue state ? that will be helpful in debugging the issue further.

Did this issue get resolved?.. we’re seeing a similar thing (we’re running E410’s on 4.2.2-r5).
For us, It seems to be related to the “Client Isolation” setting … if it’s set to “Network Wide”, clients seem to stop getting sent traffic from the gateway (sometimes after a few hours, sometimes a day or so), resulting in the dreaded “no internet” message on clients, even though they are getting DHCP IP assignments.
Setting the “Client Isolation” to “Disabled” allows clients to work without issue (although this wouldn’ be our preferred setting for some of the guest networks).

Your issue was the same as ours. If you’re going to use “Network Wide” client isolation, you have to include the MAC address of your network adapter the VLAN is on, maybe others as well, in your client isolation MAC list. Also go to the advanced tab and disable PMF (802.11w)