E410 going offline

Hi Ashok,
I have issue with my e410. Its going offline on and off. Can you check and let me know the issue with the device please? I am attaching the techSupport file for your ref.

Thank you
Uditha19000007263-WI_L_T_Earthmoving-3BD220-1617659989052.txt (3.8 KB)

The same happens to some of my 6 E410s, they keep going offline and back again, I have unclaimed and reclaimed the devices several times. Updated to recommended firmware. Its driving me crazy.

Any findings in your pursuit?

Can you please let us know device going online and offline means is device going for reboot and coming up or just loosing connection with cnMaestro and coming back ?
Also what is the firmware version that you are using ?
please share the techsupport of the AP when it comes online(try to download the file immediately) to my email id ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com
To download techsupport file use below steps

  1. Select the AP in cnMaestro
  2. Navigate to Tools section
  3. Under “Status” tab download the Techsupport file(see image below)

Hi there, thanks for the fast reply, 3 of them are running and the other 3 are running on 4.2-r15; I have been trying to push all to run on 4.2-r15 but couldnt.

Please check your email inbox as I have just sent you the techsupport files, hope they help.

Linh Vu

Linh Vu,

Thank for sharing the techsupport files of the AP’s, i will look into the logs and update you.

any update on this? as i have a similar issue

can you please share me the following details

  1. Software version running on the AP
  2. How frequently you are observing this issue ?
  3. And when you are observing this issue how much AP will be in OFFLINE state ?

Can you please invite me to your cloud account my email id ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com

i have a similar issue, have you find any fix for that ?

Please create a support ticket and send me(niraj.mahapatra@cambiumnetworks.com) the Ticket Id. We will look into the issue.