E410 got Intermitten Log

dear support, 

i have use 3 E410 on our office and sometimes on several devices we got intermitten WiFi.

i check the log and find connect and disconnect message w/o reason. 

please your advices,



Hi Hendra,

Are you using the "Enhanced Roaming" feature?

You can check by going to AP Group, selecting relevant group and going to the configuration tab.

dear support, 

this is my config about enhanced roaming, i want to ask if client disconect because of enhanced roaming, is there any log that said information about that?

and today another guy repported to me about his devices got intermitten also, below this log.

Please share tech-support of device at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com

Tech-support can be downloaded as below:

  • Login to GUI
  • Navigate to Operations
  • Click on Download tech-support

already emailed u, 

please respon asap,

and if can, please reply my email with support skype or another contack that can fast respon,



Could you solve the problem? I have the same problem with e400 / e500, when the number of users exceeds 40, users lose their connection to the internet, or to the AP or simply do not get an IP. Any cambium solution?