E410 not in sync - Device's configuration changed outside of cnMaestro

Hi community,

maybe someone could help me about our issue with cnPilot410.

cnMaestro 3.2.0.r5
cnPilot 410 4.2.2.r5

If we sync configuration, the sync works, devices showing in sync, after 2 minutes device is offline (reboot?) and the out of sync.
Reason: Device’s configuration changed outside of cnMaestro

Nobody changes the configuration on the device.

Any suggestions?

Download both the configuration, see what’s changed. Try to understand why

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Thank you for that useful information.
We did a factory reset on the AP, so there should be no local configuration, right?
Same behaviour, but ic will check the config files

I am experiencing exact same issue!!

Did you get it fixed?