E410 only responds to ping and does not synchronize

Hello everyone!
Following a firmware update, one of our E410s went into sync error with cnMaestro. Checking I see that the E410 only responds to ping, the web GUI does not work and does not respond to any other services (SSH and Telnet). If I do a network scan on the IP of the E410 HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet and SSL are closed. I did these tests even after the reset and attempted to boot the backup image with 8 forced reboots (Primary and Backup Firmware images for reliability ). Do you have any other attempts to suggest?
Thank you for the time you have dedicated to me!

Did u try to reset it to defaults ?
If not working after this trick, just create RMA and replace for new one :slight_smile:

Based on symptoms shared in description and as @PFR suggested, please initiate RMA.

Hello, the reset to factory settings with the appropriate button was the first attempt I made.
I proceed with RMA.

Hello and thank you for your time