E410 reducing speed

I installed a new internet provider which uses fiber modem. I connected 2 CnPilot e410 one as Base by a cat6 cable to the modem and the second one as Client in another room. The speed using modem wi-fi was around 500 M for download and around 250 to upload.
To do the mesh configuration I turned off the wi-fi from modem, using the e410s radios to improve wi-fi.
My issue is that my wi-fi speed in mesh configuration is always oscillating, something from 20 to 450 Mb. I tried to disconnect modem from power outlet, wait for 10 seconds and connect it again. What I could see is that measuring speed just after that I can get 460Mb, but as the e410 connect to Cnmaestro speed drops again. How can I solve that?

460Mb over mesh is still a good result.
It usually ranges between 300-400 Mbps depending on the distance between the Master and the Slave.
After restarting the modem, the speed will always be lower because only 2.4 GHz works. Only after a few minutes, 5GHz will start working and then the mesh will be connected and it will be possible to use a faster Wi-Fi network in this band.
The speed fluctuation depends on the band you are connecting to, the distance from the device, and interference in the channel used by the transmitter.
It will be difficult to achieve a better result and there is no magic way :slight_smile:

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