E410 Stuck downloading firmware

I sent an upgrade reqest from the On-Prem controler and the AP seems stuck in the downloading formware phase. It will not allow a reboot as it says firmware upgrade is in progress and it does not seem to be proceeding with the proccess. I am stuck and am affraid to remove power as it may be a brick after. What can i do. The Debug logs keep repeating

wifi.c:517:Firmware download in progress

Also once I get this message

Upgrade in progress (main.c:1010)

This has been going on for over an hour.


Please let us know the current version of the AP, and what was the new version pushed from maestro.

Also in meanwhile can you try to upload the image directly using device GUI and see if it updates...


The current Version is 3.9-r3

The Version I pushed was 3.10.1R2

I was able to get the device to upgrade with the Web upload.