E410 Time Zone

Hi! I'd like to insert the correct time in E410. Is it possible to do that through Maestro? I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.



Under the AP groups->Management->Time Settings you can configure the specific Time-Zone. For your timezone which is -3Hrs GMT you can select America/Belem from it. Once configured please sync the new configuration to the AP.

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Does this mean that it's not possible to put together in the same AP Group two APs with different Time Zones?

Or the Time Zones in the AP Group is just for loggin purposes?



cnMaestro provides option to configure unique timezone on AP by making use of "User Defined Overrides" in AP Group. Please configure as shwon below to meet your requirments,

timezone ${Time Zone=America/Belem}

The default value for time zone set to America/Belem.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 3.46.03 PM.png

Now go to device dash board configuration settings and we can see the option to set new values.