E425 firmware upgrade issue and cnMaestro (cloud) provisioning failure


I have a problem with e425 provisioning through cnMaestro (cloud).

When I apply conifguration to e425 sync status is Failed to push configuration to device and reason is "tunnel_l2gre_mtu:specified parameter greater than maximum".

Interesting thing is that under AP group network configuration Tunnel encapsulation isn't enabled.

Firmware which came with AP is 4.0-b8.

When I try to do software upgrade through cnMaestro cloud it goes skipped.

On support.cambiumnetworks.com --> downloads I cannot find firmware for e425 ?

I tried to upgrade it with e430 firmware but it says memory is too low

  • Software image
    • e425H has different software from e430. 
  • Configuration Push Issue
    • Please change L2GRE MTU to 1460. This is addressed in upcoming release version of cnPilot. 
    • Please find below image for reference
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