E425 wall plate - iphone sees SSID as unsecured

I have deployed 3 e425s in my home to test the wifi. After a couple of weeks of what seemed flawless wifi, I am starting to notice a trend. I have setup separate SSID for the 5 GHz vs the 2 GHz. Every so often, apple devices disconnect and see the 5 GHz SSID as "unsecured" even though it is configured with WPA and all other devices see it as such. They refuse to connect back. So far it has affected 1 iPhone, 1 iPad and 1 Apple TV. If I "forget" the SSID on the device, it connects back as unsecured. When I reboot the e425 it always fixes the issue.

Anyone seen anything similar?

Hi Sebastian,

                 Are the AP's confiugred as Mesh or standalone? Can you please download the AP techsupport immediately from all the 3 AP's when you face this issue again.Please share the tech support with us( anv100@cambiumnetworks.com) for further triubleshooting.




when we see the issue, do we have the option to capture wireless packets (more precisely beacons) coming from e425 ap before and after reboot. we can use mac book to capture the packets in the air. 

Will do when it happens again. They are configured as standalone. All wired back to a single switch

Just made a few capture. See attached zip file. Included are two sets of tech support files for the two wall plates in question. Both before and after the event. I also did a Wireshark before and after.


  • From the traces, it is clear that Beacon is corrpted due to which you are seeing SSID as unsecured. 

  • Will address this issue in upcoming release. 
  • Thank you for sharing details. 

any idea why other devices in my network keep working normally? It only seems to happen for apple devices


i think we have fixed the issue. can share image to validate from your side.

Sorry. I am not sure I understand. What do you need me to do?

We have fixed this issue. Please use the latest cnPilot build 4.1-r3 and try.