E500 2.4 Noise and Interference

Hi, we bought x2 e500 for a event, we setup the APs following TIPs found on this forum, we got frequency 5 Mhz working great, but 2.4 Mhz is not, at day it seems to work ok, but at night when the event start, there is around 70-90 devices connected on 2.4, is not working at all, we check noise floor, interference and spectrum, and it seems like the people cellphone feature call "share connection" or "hotspot share" is creating alot of interference on 2.4, boths e500 are running last firmware 3.11.3-r7, and we are not using any other feature such as routing, guest portal, hotspot,  usage limits, that is all done by a RB2011UiAS Mikrotik.

What we can do with this problem, posting screenshots : 

Day : 

Night : 

cnMaestro : 

Current Config : 

Tips i follow : 

Thanks for any answer !

ps : Second time i post this, first post was mark as spam or something and dissapear.

Yeah, that's some serious noise there. There's not a whole lot you can do in this situation. A few of these things might help... or might make it worse... :-)

  • Increase 2.4Ghz power to maximum or auto
  • Enable aggressive band steering to get clients to move to 5GHz
  • Increase roam threshold to 20dB
  • Enable off channel scan
  • Enable auto RF
  • Enable per client rate limits

ALSO, your firmware could use an update... is available.

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