E500 Client Drops

Some overview of what we are doing. We are using a wireless link to provide interent to a plant. We have a Force200 PTP shot from the main facility to the lant that is just under 4 miles. At the plant the, the Force200 is powered by an e500 that is meshed to another e500 providing WiFi. It is as follows:

Firewall/Server _____Force200<------------------>Force200___cnPilot <---Mesh---> Trailer Hotspot

The mesh is on 5Ghz. We have 3 other WLANs setup for guests on both 2.4/5 Ghz.

The devices have been on for a few weeks now, however, the e500 has bee dropping the clients after seconds of establishing a connection. I have tried different configuration methods but cannot figure out why. I have attached the configs for the e500s. The techsupport files I cannot attach and will email upon request.

Please assist.

  1. Please email tech-support to shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com
  2. Need a confirmation on mesh link
    • Are both devices e500?