e500/e501S/e502S recommended surge protection

For outdoor deployment of electronics there is always the danger of damage due to near-miss and direct lightning strikes so proper planning and deployment of a surge protection plan is very important to supplement the surge suppression protection that resides internal to the access point.

The diagram below is an update of my post from back in early January 2016. The recommendation has always been to use a lightning protection unit (LPU) like the Cambium Networks 1000SS as part of your install.

In addition, when using the auxiliary port to power a secondary device we are recommending to keep the Ethernet cable length between the Access Point and that secondary device to 5 meters of less and to make sure to keep that secondary device at least 0.6 meters below the highest point on the metal mounting pole.

Also, please be sure to connect the 1000SS to earth ground and to have the pole connected to earth ground. 


Good discussion point for the outdoor deployment.

Lightning arrestors are installed in order to redirect or shunt electric currents caused by close proximity lightning strikes.