E500, how to login to change user password?

My three e500’s were set up by someone else for my campground. How do I log into each and change the password the guests use to login? I’m a total beginner and know nothing, just want to be able to change password a couple of times a season. I would also like to restrict bandwidth to 10mbbs per user.

This device is already added to the cloud controller ? Do u know ?

I’m not sure, how do I check or how do I set it up on the cloud?

Here is a good video that shows the process of how to create a cnMaestro Cloud account for free and add your access point to it and configure the access point.

Thanks Gary. OK, I set up a cloud account. In order to add my cn500’s it looks like I will need their serial numbers to claim them. Only problem is they are up on poles. Is there a way to access them thru a Cat connection to my computer?


Please refer chapter 2 of user guide to access device from a PC/laptop.


“show version” is the command to capture SERIAL NO and MAC Address of device from CLI.