E500 input power question for DC/POE injector


We're looking at deploying the E500 on a remote location wich is being powered by a Packetflux SiteMonitor Gigabit POE injector and I have a few questions.

1) What is the pin out for the power input into the E500?

2) Has there been any testing/will the AP work on 48v instead of 56v in?

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to answer the second question first the answer is yes it will work with 48V and it can even work lower depending on the configuration. If you are not using the PoE output capability of the e500 you can run the e500 off an 802.3af PSE device which means as low as 37.5V measured at the e500 port (it could be higher at the PSE depending on the length of cable run). So anywhere from 37.5V to 57V for e500 without PoE out port being used. If you are powering an auxiliary device with the e500 PoE out port then ideally you want to stay within the 802.3at PSE voltage levels delivered to a PD device which is 42.5-57V

for question #1 the pin-out is as follows:

pins 1, 2 with 3, 6 for dc power or 4,5 and 7,8

there are bridge-diodes on the design so the polarity is handled inside the unit

so gigabit mode A or mode B is supported


AP has been tested down to 37.5V for 802.3af mode and 42.5V for 802.3at mode.