E500 ssid is not broadcasting

Recently our client reported to us that an E500 cnpilot series access point stopped to broadcasting ssid. The configuration is unchanged and also this device seems to operate normally in the cloud platform . We have tried to force a reboot and a firmware reflash without a success.. Any suggestion will be helpful

Can you please share us the full configuration of the device.

Here you are. Thanks !

Can you configure country code on the device, I see it's not there in the configuration. To bring the radio up it needs to know which country code regulatory has to be applied to the device.



OK, I applied the country code and I'm waiting for a verification. Tommorow I'll inform you for any change in condition. About 'other' in county I remember that a colleague has been told to us that ths is a way to unlock the power in radio, true or not ??

OK.. radio is working again after i setted a countrycode. Can you suggest us a countrycode with more power than GR (15db@2.4GHz,25db@5Ghz).. Thanks