E500 with R190W

Hello, I have an E500 cnpilot and I need to directly connect a smartphone and a notebook, and as a wifi repeater, a r190w cnpilot. The problem I have is that if I have the two devices connected directly to the e500, trying to connect the r190w does not connect it; but nevertheless if I connect to the e500 only the r190w and the notebook and the smartphone to the repeater r190w I do not present any problem. Does anyone think of what the problem might be? Thank you in advance for any contribution you can make.

Please configure e50x devices as suggested in below link:


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Repeater Mode Best Practices:

  1. Keep same channel bandwidth(20Mhz or 40Mhz)  and  Network mode in both Base AP(E500) and Repeater AP(R190W).

            Example: Default  Channel bandwidth of e500 is 20Mhz for 2.4Ghz WLAN.

                            So please keep the Repeater AP (R190w) in 20Mhz mode.

2. Also disable the LAN DHCP server of Repeater AP, to avoid multiple DHCP server IP’s  if  Repeater  AP (R190) in Bridge Mode


 3. Disable the Disable following parameters in E500 if as Repeater  AP (R190) in Bridge Mode

  • Proxy ARP
  • Unicast DHCP

 4. Keep proper distance between Base AP and Repeater AP so that Repeater can connect with Base AP.

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Please provide your test observation on repeater mode, if you configure of  E500 and R190 as per above suggestion.




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Hi niraj, effectively that was the solution, apart from separating the vlan (one for the devices that connect to the "hotspot" and another one for the "residential customers" that are connected by means of CnPilot R190W). Thank you all for the contributions