E501 max power

A few days ago i installed our first 501 in a fully managed cnmaestro ( we are using ap groups config). We have choosed as country code the Hungary (we are not living on it ;) ) and as a result we have got the rest of the e500s at 25 db both on 2,4 and 5 GHz. The problem (?) is the 501s is working at 16db on both radios.. Can we raise it up a liitle bit ? I have choosed many EU countrys but i didn,t get what i wanted it..

I would be careful about how much power you are using, because you could be breaking the law in your own country if you have selected the wrong country.

The reason you can’t set the power as high on the e501s is because the directional antennas have a higher gain. The maximum power you can use is a calculation of tx power and antenna gain.

You can set overrides in each AP within cnMaestro to bump up the power a little but you won’t be able to exceed the max transmit power for the regulatory domain you have selected.