E501S 2Ghz clients lost connection

Hi! We have e501s (firmware version is 3.9) installed on the roof of the house. Distance is about 60 meters between AP and clients. Clients at 5Ghz channel work fine but at 2Ghz lost connection before getting IP address (Client [........] disconnected from wireless lan [WIFi_NAME] due to enhanced roaming). Signal is -60...-70 dbm. The AP has Enhanced roaming enabled at 5 SNR threshold. Band steering is set at Normal. I tried different RF settings and stopped at auto power and frequency. What's else to check in on ? Thanks in advance!

I would look to see if your getting any interference on the 2.4Ghz band. If there are other access points near by this could be the cause of the low SNR which is forcing the connection to drop (though your setting is already very low).

If this is the case, look to see if there is a better channel you can use.

It might also be worth testing your device and its performance with enhanced roaming turned off.

Good luck and please do let us know how you get on.

Please share tech-support of access point to shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com.

Thank You.

Thanks for reply. Yes, there are a lot of an interference at 2.4Ghz but we've installed one more E501S in 50 meters on the same roof with noised 2.4 Ghz - it works fine. We'll be taking first AP at more high place tomorrow

To me it sounds like there might be too much interference to use enhanced roaming, I'd recommend disabling it.

Also worth considering turning off the 2.4Ghz radio, if there is a lot of interference your performance on this frequency might well be so poor it's just not worth using.

Regarding the other AP, that is working fine, is it on the same channel? Or a different channel?

APs work on diffrent channels. I disabled enhanced roaming on first AP temporary and some clients connect with weak signal. We cannot disable 2.4 because a lot of clients can't work on 5 Ghz. I'll write results of changing first AP's rectangle and movement


Sounds like the signal was so weak that using enhanced roaming was forcing the clients to disconnect as the error message showed.

Repositioning the AP might help as you have already mentioned.

While you are onsite I would also recommend inspecting the clients interference on 2.4Ghz. As the AP is 60 meters away from the client it is quite possible that they receive different types of interference. This may help you to choose the best appropriate channel more effectively.