E502s Config sync error

Any idea why is this happening? We are trying to sync e502s with AP group and we get this error. All other devices in group are XV2-2.

Configuration failed: wlan1_rate_client_uplink:specified parameter greater than maximum

Device managed in Cloud cnMaestro.

Do not use outdoor and indoor AP in one group (my recommendation)
Which firmware is on 502s ?
You set limit for ? Client, SSID, network ?
More details please.

On e502s is and on XV2-2 is 6.5-r15.
All WLAN-s are set 127 max clients per radio.
4 WLANs on AP

No idea where to even look for this issue.


Make Ap group for 502 with same setting as for xv2-2.
Try to sync.

Please check Usage Limits → Rate Limit for WLAN for first WLAN profile in AP Group.

What are the max values? We have 400000kbps and 0. I would have to check with my team, why is this set up this way, but it shouldn’t be a problem?


Why are you even limit bandwidth when you put 400Mbps. What is the purpose of that?

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Exactly my thoughts when I saw this 400M, will check with my team before changing, but I suspect this is nonsense.

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This 400M was configured by “mistake” let’s say, we will change this ASAP.