E505 - upgrade via cnMestro

The e505 upgrade procedure via cnMaestro needs to be improved.
All e-series devices (500,501,502,510, 410, xv2-2, 600, 700) support the update process as follows:
1.downloads the software,
2. writing the firmware to the flash memory
3. Everything is ready, waiting to be rebooted
4. Reboot

However, the e505 is a bit different. I do not know if it is supposed to be this way, or if something is missing in the cnMaestro message handling.
In this model, the path looks completely different.
1.downloads the software,
2. writing the firmware to the flash memory
3.AND HERE is the first SILENT reboot - no message, no information to cnMaestro etc. etc. All the time the status “writing to flash memory” !!
4. After this reboot cnMaestro get a message that the device is ready for reboot and rebooting it again! 1 minute after getting up.

Is it supposed to be like that ?

Can you please provide us the below data

  1. Current firmware version running on the AP ?
  2. What is the reboot reason on AP when it is rebooted silently ?
  3. After cnMaestro reboot what is the reboot reason seen on AP ?

ad 1. The same situation from 4.0 till 4.2
ad 2. I don’t know ? This is a part of firmware update process ? I have about 15 e505 and each work same with upgrade.
ad 3. No special info in logs. Just status down and status up.

If u have e505, please check it. I’m sure that u will see same situation :slight_smile:
Just observe upgrade under cnmaestro :slight_smile:

In compare with other platforms E505/425 take little extra time to upgrade but upgrade will works without any issue.

In 4.0 there is a memory leak issue due to AP reboots with low memory issue before software upgrade process complete, but in this case software upgrade fails. This issue was addressed in 4.1.

Also in our lab we didn’t observed this issue.

Can you check the following command output when AP went for silent reboot or you can check the reboot reason in cnMaestro page under “Details” tab(see the image below)
“service show last-reboot-reason” command output on AP

I know that all works OK but for unexpirienced users it could be strange.
As u show, reboot reason is upgrade

Maybe you can add an extra step to this process so that the device doesn’t stay on the “write to flash” status all the time

Now downgrading from 4.2 to 4.1.
Silent reboot under the update process still exist