E510 Mesh/Bridge

New the the Cambium WiFi world, Something I’ve often done with other vendors is using a mesh type feature to also bridge. EG a camera on a pole where I don’t have LAN.

I’ve got the mesh working, but connect a ethernet cable and it seems to drop it.

Is this possible with E510’s (or even the XV/XE series) or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Use epmp will be better an cheaper.

The camera would be connected Via Ethernet to the mesh AP.

It is possible.
JUst do the right configs

Could you elaborate a little more?
I have the following SSID’s

  1. MyNetwork-Client (Set as mesh client)
  2. MyNetwork-Base (Set as mesh base)
  3. MyNetwork

Mesh VLAN tagging is not checked
Mesh Auto Detect Backhaul is not checked (I have tried this on and off, but as soon as ethernet is connected it dies)

For base and client must be used only one SSID !

Configuration on cnPilot E600 connected to office network

Configuration on E501S connected via Mesh


Camera Successfully added to Network Video recorder on office network


So I manage to work it out, The main issue was the way Cambium Tech support told me how to do it in cnMaestro. They advised adding both mesh networks (Client and Base) to the same AP group.
By creating 2 groups it now works as intended.
Thanks to @TimoWanume for pointing me in the right direction by doing on the AP.


Great it worked for you.
The same connection is successful even when you use ether1(since e510 has only 1 ether port). But you will have to power the camera using a 12v power adaptor.

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