E510 onboarding problem

After the last update, I have strange problem with the e510 model.
In the onbording process, I set all the parameters, group, location, firmware, name. The process dies after some time during the Writing firmware to flash description. You need to wait about 10 minutes for the device to be added with an error and zero configuration. This happened on 25 e510s, so it’s probably no coincidence. On the AP side, when the above error occurs, the cnmaestro status “Waiting for approval”. Get around. Onbording without firmware, and software update after onbording. There is clearly something wrong with reading the statuses on the cloud side? It worked with previous versions :slight_smile:

Please provide following information:

  • Default upgrade version configured in cnMaestro
  • Running software version on device during on-boarding
  • Is upgrade triggered during on-boarding, if yes, which build?

No defaults. Always selected manually.
Yes, 4.1.2-r12

@PFR I hope the issue is resolved. if not. Could you please raise a support case in https://support.cambiumnetworks.com

e510 problem still exist on 4.2.2-r5.
Onbording starting from
After first reboot e510 still on status “Device Approval Pending from cloud.cambiumnetworks.com

In the cloud :



Please correct me if my understanding is wrong regarding following issue "e510 problem still exist on 4.2.2-r5 onboarding starts from " (or) please share some more details about the issue

"Though the device is in 4.2.2-r5 when you are trying to onboard the AP it is upgrading to" ?

No. From 3 to 4. It comes with 3 and try to update to 4.2.2