E510 Tx power configuration via CnMaestro

I am new member in Cambium community and I need your help for the following,
I want to understand how to configure the TX-POWER in Auto mode for e501s APs in wifi network .
We use cnMaestro x as controller .


You can use templates to change all configurations via CnMaestro.
But also do it right from GUI.

Hi @Said_Souhaiel,

For cnPilot Enterprise devices you can set this in the AP Group that you use to Sync device configuration. This is under Configuration > AP Groups and WLANs > create or edit an AP Group > Radio > Transmit Power. There are separate tabs for 2.4, 5 and 6 GHz Bands, each with their own Transmit Power value. When you create a new AP Group you will need to select Enterprise Wi-Fi as the type. By default Transmit Power is set to Auto.

If you want to override the AP Group value for individual device you can do so at the device level in the Configuration tab > Advanced Settings > Radio and Location. There are checkboxes for Transmit Power for each radio supported by the AP that can be enabled to override the AP Group value with a device-specific value.