E510's Quit Broadcasting?

I have 3 e510 AP's installed at a campground.  Everything was working great for about 24 Hours and all of a sudden they show in cnMaestro "offline"  I have a pair of 300-16 connection two of the e510's to the internet,  so I used the Ping feature in the AP of the 300 monitored in cnMaestro to ping the e510's and they are responding to pings from the 300.  So it looks like the AP's are locked up, but still responding to pings.  I seen this same thing earlier this week, and after a couple days the AP's started working again.  5/24/2020 @ 9AM Offline, 5/27/2020 @1400 Online, 5/28/2020 @ 2AM Offline, 5/29/2020 @ 3AM Online, 5/30/2020 Offline.  This is frustrating.   What might be the problem?

I have forwarded this to our support team

Hi Mmarting, 

              Never heard of any such issues. can you share your topology explaining how E510 and force 300 are connected to each other. When E510 is not showing in the cnMaestro, what is the status of 300 in the cnMaestro? 

What is the version running in E510? is there any clients connected to E510 when you observe this issue? 

Are the client seen in cnMaestro when the issue is seen?