E600 losing configuration?

Currently in the process of deploying 40+ E600’s in a SMB and I am having hard time with one in particular that seems to just completely drop off. The initial onboarding phase via cloud-based cnMaestro goes OK but after 10 minutes or so, the AP seems to lose all connectivity to both cnMaestro as well as the local network. Tried carrying out an IP scan to see if it defaulted to another IP but it doesn’t show anything. Also checked DHCP which also showed nothing. This has happened on two occasions now with both DHCP and a statically assigned IP. I have also factory reset it and again, after the initial onboarding goes OK and is viewable in the panel, it happens again. Just seems to disappear into the ether, all cnMaestro states is that it has gone offline and I can never find it again. I have physically checked it and it is showing a green LED which indicates it’s on at least. Completely bemused as to what the issue maybe, faulty AP perhaps? Any help would be appreciated.


The issue description shows, configuration push leading AP to loose IP connectivity to cnMaestro. This can be mainly because of

  1. VLAN settings mismatch before and after cnfg push
  2. Issue in learning default gateway and DNS servers
  3. If device is learning default gateway on VLAN other than 1, please enable “DHCP Request option all on that VLAN on which gateway is reachable (we can find this option in SVI VLAN settings” and disable same option on VLAN 1 which is been enabled by default

If above 3 steps can’t solve, please reach out to Cambium Support team, we shall be able to help.

What is the firmware version running on AP?

Hi cireddy,

Thanks for getting back to me with your suggestions.

I am just trying to understand why this particular AP. The group that the AP resides in is a clone of all the others, so exactly the same. No other AP is giving me this grief. The only thing that is different is the group name. Essentially, within each group I have trunked the SVI with VLAN 1 untagged and 5,6 tagged (these are the staff and guest WiFi VLAN ID’s) and set the IPV4 routing details to what is is reachable on VLAN 1. However, on the AP’s themselves I have overridden the IPV4 settings of each AP so that I can give them a static IP (this is so I can make these IP’s exempt from filtering) but left the routes section untouched. I have attached some screenshots to demonstrate. Again, this is the same on all onboarded AP’s and this is the only one causing any issues.

share AP techdump to me on cie001@cambiumnetworks.com. i shall look into it.

Switch port is configured the same as the rest of the ports, no dynamic vlan, lldp in that ports etc? Same firmware on all APs? Upgrade both AP partitions.
We had same problems with old firmware 3.1.4. and upgrade resolved that issuea.