E600 Quick Start

The Quick Start Guide for the e600 (found here: https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/resource/cnpilot-e600-quick-start-guide-pmp-2239/) appears to refer to a non-existant menu item. It says:


Quick Link Setup
1. Using a web browser, navigate to and login with
username: admin and password: admin
2. Navigate to the Quick Start menu and click Go To Next Page.
3. Configure Region and Country of operation. Click the Go To Next Page.
4. Configure Carrier Frequency. Click the Go To Next Page.
5. Select Synchronization source. Click the Go To Next Page.
6. Configuration - IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway IP. Address OR DHCP state to Enabled to
have the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway IP address automatically configured by a DHCP
server. Click the Go To Next Page.
7. Click Save Changes. Click Reboot


There is no such thing as "Quick Start menu" in the GUI. Has this been removed by a firmware update?

I'n not an enterprise user and understand that I'm not really this model's target demographic, however I impulse purchased an e600 for home based on positive workplace experience with Cambium devices (which were installed professionally) and now I'm trying to set it up. Had assumed, based on the above PDF, that the Quick Start menu would take care of it, but now that I have the AP, the menu is nowhere to be found! I have:

  • Updated to the latest firmware
  • Set country code
  • Set admin password
  • Added a WLAN (ID 1)
  • Set SSID
  • Set security to WPA2 PSK
  • Set WiFi passphrase

Is that configuration sufficient for the e600 to securely operate as a basic AP? (it is attached to a router which is taking care of everything else)



Sorry for the inconvience caused. Will update QSG ASAP.

We have user guide uploaded at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/e410/. Please download the document and the details to access AP are present at Page No. 37. More details of your requirement as mentioned are available in the document.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Thank You