E700 concurrent clients

How many clients can E700 take concurrently.

Official documentation says 512 clients

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The 512 clients has to do with maximum associations. In real life maximum clients are depended on what kind of service you want to provide.
For example if you want to provide 2 Mbps per client then your AP will serve more clients compared to a scenario when a client must be able to get 20Mbps. Also channel bandwidth, noise (lost packets, retransmited packets etc), airtime must be put in the “equation”.
From my experience in a Resort Hotel enviroment (heavy usage) the E700 and E600 (indoor version of E700) served 160 clients with no complaints from the users.


FWIW, we just used an e700 at a small outdoor music festival, and it performed awesome. Maximum of 67 devices connected, approx 37 of which were connected most of the weekend. Coverage was awesome, speeds were great, and to answer this thread’s question - the e700 will accept 512 concurrent associations, and no obvious problem supporting 37-67 clients at our event.