E700,E505 do you need a radius server?

Do you need a radius server to use these as hotspots etc. Can you set them up as a bridge?

If you plan to take user credentials on the hotspot splash page and want to get it authenticated by a RADIUS server then you do need to configure a RADIUS server details on the AP WLAN configuration. If it all it's a simple click through terms and condition then no need of RADIUS server. The cnMaestro also has a Guest Portal options which provide more ehanced customization of a login page so you may want to explore that too. In case you are integrating with an external captive portal then you can integrate the AP based login API for that.

Can it be used with only wireless security? Without radius or a portal, we would like them to be able to just connect and go.


can you list all the requirments clearly, we shall be able to help? 

Well by "connect and go" I mean the tenants would be able to connect to the access point with only a password, would get a DHCP address and be connected to the internet. I do not want them to have to agree to anything, no portal and no radius. Does the AP work like this?

We are a wireless internet service provider and these would be for a small RV park that we service, we already have agreement's per location.